Friday, 24 February 2012

New paintings

As some of you know, I have been part of an art group called ArtDepot in my town for the last few years, which has been a source of growth and motivation. The time has now come for re registering with the group in order to continue as a member and hopefully to exhibit again with them. But in order to do this they have asked for three pieces of current work so they can assess ones' suitability. So, I have been busilly painting away, ready for the deadline which is on Monday!! And, thankfully I am on track, and have finished the last of the three last night, and photograped it this morning! (All that is left to do now is actually send photos of the work to the group! Best not forget that part!!!)

So, here is a little snapshot of paintings two and three, as I am also going to use the painting titled 'You've made your home in my heart' which I also completed recently.

Be still my heart.


Hope springs eternal.

I am especially loving the painting titled 'hope springs eternal' and think that it is my favourite one out of all I have painted so far!

We shall wait and see what the verdict is, once I have sent the email off to them. Ooer!

Anyway,have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Just lately

I have been a busy bee lately, what with one thing and another, but one major thing that I am really excited about is the decision to set myself up on a facebook business page as an artist, to sell my work more regularly!!! Don't get me wrong, I am really grateful for the selling opportunities that I have had up until now, but what I really want to do is give people a little slice of encouragement, of hope, of love, of purpose and beauty, to enrich their lives, and so I need to up my profile somewhat. As I still will have my youngest lad at home with me until next September, when he will start school (eek!) I want to make sure I can still have time to be with him, as well as create more work, so it feels like this is the way to start things off at the moment.

So I am intending on changing my blog's name to co~incide with my new name for my art, although my blog address will still be the same. So look out for the new alterations soon! I am hoping to set up the facebook page by the beginning of April and go from there! It's a bit daunting as there is so much I just don't understand about the aspect of getting myself 'out there' so to speak, but I will get there!

So watch this space, and let's look forward to the start of something new!! :o)


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hearty Painting!

I love the way children draw, especially when they are very young~their expression is so fresh and innocent, and simple yet captures the essence of what is in their imagination.

I wanted to use a picture that my little girl had drawn a while back, and incorporate it into my own painting somehow. So I set to work on a canvas I had prepared already, with collage and paint as the background.

I am happy with the result and really love the colours too!

Here's her initial drawing~which really I should just frame on its own anyway!

And here is my take on it:


Also my latest journal page inspired by a line in a poem by friend, Lizby Warren.

Have a great day!