Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On being brave!

I have a tendency to put off things that I find difficult, or rather things that I think will be difficult, til later-much later! But lately I have been trying to be a bit braver and more pro active, and I'm actually finding that  things that I've been putting off for fear they are too hard are actually not as difficult as I first thought! Take the sewing machine thing-something was wrong with the tension on the zig zag stitch the last time I tried to use it and so I left it alone for ages because I was scared to try and sort out the problem in case I broke the machine. But upon receiving two pieces of lovely fabric from a friend (thanks Kerry, I love them! ) I braced myself and tried to see if I could sort the tension out so I could make a cushion or two! And this is the result!

So the moral of this crafty tale is: take a little step. Be brave and just have a go! Coz you might just be surprised at how easy something really is once you've tried it!


Friday, 10 August 2012

My Alice in Wonderland!

We have visited a few National Trust properties during our summer break but the one which has been my favourite so far was Coughton Court near Stratford upon Avon. I have recently got quite interested in gardening (in a very amateur way, you understand) but I was really taken by the beautiful plants and flowers that grew there. More than that though, as my daughter stood looking up at a huge flowing plant, it gave me an idea-especially when she also commented that the flower she was looking at was definitely from the film 'Alice in Wonderland'!
So here are some of the photos which most definitely deserve some sort of creative compilation in the near future!
"Curiouser and curiouser"
exclaimed Alice as she climbed up
 onto the bridge to see what it was....

...and just beyond she caught a glimpse
 of a little white rabbit running past!
Did you see him come this way?

This flower is certainly not about to tell!
Do you think the Queen of hearts lives here?

Poor 'Alice' is just so tired of all this
 adventuring about, she's decided to take a nap!
And another rest here to ponder....

Looks like Jack and his beanstalk
 could also be in this Wonderland!
Don't forget to read the poetic
 leaves on the Poetree!

The inspiring Alice tree!

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 Hope you are all enjoying the summer break!
 TT4N! xxx