Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sparkle! Sparkle!

Just another sneaky peak at some more paintings for the 'Sparkle' Conference! Am getting so excited about it! Don't leave it too long to book your place, ladies, as spaces are limited! Go online to CCC Cheltenham Church website for more details!

Hope you are all having a happy day!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

It was my birthday on Friday and I had a lovely day! I received some gorgeous pressies and was even taken out to lunch by my hubby as he happened to be working from home that day so we made a quick escape into town in his lunchtime!

Just wanted to show you my lush pressies and gorgeous flowers:

So happy with the arty stash I received from hubby and kids! Can't wait to use them!! Already got ideas floating around! :o)

And I love the Gerberas!!!

And to top it all off I went out to the cinema with some friends in the evening!

So a great birthday indeed!

Well, hope everyone has had a good weekend. Looking forward to what lies ahead this week!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sew excited!!!

So, as you know, I finally got round to asking my friend to refresh my memory with my sewing machine again, recently. It had been sitting unused for years, until about a year ago when I asked another friend to show me how to work 'The Monster'. I then tried it out once and then back it went into its hiding place until very recently, when another friend inspired me to try again! So with her help I finially got the nack of how to set up all the thread etc and even how to put thread onto a bobbin! (a scary prospect to me I can tell you!) Anyway, to cut a long story short, this is the result!!!

I am really pleased with it for a first attempt!! Sure, the stitching is not straight in parts, and I have even got the wrong colour thread visible, but I am just so excited that I actually made something that works! I shall wear it with pride!

The other thing that made me really happy was the fact that I found some old fabric paint in my stash, which I don't think I have EVER used! (don't even know where I aquired it from!) I used that to try out my new clear flower stamp and some clear alphabet stamps which I got in the sale, and it just works so well on the canvas of the apron! I was over the moon!!! And hubby still laughs at me for being SO excited at the result! hee!

So, two birds killed with one stone! I am now not so scared of my sewing machine AND I have actually stamped with fabric paint and LOVE the effect! So I will be doing THAT again too!!

I also used the practise stamping I tried before stamping straight onto me apron, in my art journal. Simple yet effective!

So in the words of a recovering scaredy cat...just try it! You might like it!