Friday, 13 September 2013

Birthday sunflowers!

It was my birthday recently, and apart from being totally spoilt rotten, I received a bunch of one of my favorite flowers from my friend, Jo. Her parting comment on presenting me with the bloom was that drawing them was a necessity! All in jest, I know but I did agree! They were asking to be sketched!
So out came the pencils and sketch away I did!
Here is the finished journal page of these beauties!
I also used my simple photo editing software app on my phone to adjust the colour a bit and was amazed art the difference each filter made! (just gutted that I can't seem to transfer them all to my blog!)

These beautiful flowers really are a ray of sunshine! Especially on this grey and rainy day!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Chapter!

The kids have started back at school and  that includes my youngest! He's only doing half days at the mo but soon he will be in full time! Doesn't time fly! It hardly seems 5 minutes since he was a tiny bundle of blue in my arms! And now...a big boy going to primary school!

So now it's the time for me to open the next chapter of the book, so to speak!! I have decided to try a variety of avenues with my art work, including licencing my work, to running workshops and selling my art. One of the ideas I will be trying first is selling my work in people's homes-kinda like a Tupperware party but with my art pieces~ my Heavenly Art Parties!  So I have been busy with the details and already have my first party booked with a friend for mid November! Excited!

I have been on the lookout for a vintage style suitcase as part of my display storage for the parties and came across this beauty at a vintage shop this morning! It's perfect! And a very reasonable price too! It all seems to be coming together nicely!
Hope my lovely readers are having a great week, and are enjoying the beginning of the autumn season!
Well, til next time!