Saturday, 27 July 2013

School's out!

The school holidays are now upon us, and I have resigned myself to 6 weeks with very little art being done-that way I am hoping I will be less frustrated as I'm not expecting to have time to do much anyway. So far though, surprisingly, I have been able to sneak away a few times this week and get out my sketchbook for a bit of doodling here and there! A lovely bit of 'me time' in amidst the time with three kids!
Here's to a great summer break! 

My latest design for 'little bird'.
experimenting with colour 
flower detail

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Doodling fun!

Hi all! Long time no natter! Sorry I have been so quiet, just had a lot going on round here, and to be honest, a bit of artist's block!
So I have now decided to go back to basics and try my hand at some good old doodling to get the brain ticking over. Here are my attempts so far. What do you think?

It was actually quite difficult to keep
 writing without taking the pen off the paper!
Flowers and hearts.
Am very much liking the close ups!
Love the black and white!