Thursday, 11 August 2011

More experimenting

I have recently been paid for the work I did at our church on the two day workshop with school kids from schools in Gloucestershire, and while I am keen not to blow it all at once, I have bought a few new items this month.

I ordered some gelato gel pastels and a Clings clear stamp from the Donna Downey Online store in USA, and while the postage ended up being about the same price as the items I bought, I treated myself to buying from her store as she has some fabby stuff! (And incidentally, I LOVE the green tissue paper than the stuff was packed in! Nice touch I thought!)

I also bought some acetate shapes and some cute butterfly cut out shapes as well as some glazing medium to go over my paintings to seal in the colour. The only problem I have found with the glazing medium is that it smudges anything waterbased, like inks and the like so will have to work a way around that!

Anyway! So last night I experimented with the above and came up with this:

I am really happy with the colour and use of text as well as the inclusion of acetate and card shapes. I'm going to have to get more info on using the gelatos and will have to experiment more with the flower stamp, but for a first attempt I was very pleased!

Have a great rest of the day all!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

More paintings

Here's a sneaky peak at some of my paintings ready for the 'Sparkle' Ladies conference in November. Having them sitting on the radiator drying and then just sitting there has caused me to be rather sentimental over them! Is it weird to feel that one's paintings are kinda like children???

Ok, not literally, but I do seem to have a growing fondness for these lovelies!

I am really liking the effect of having the fabric flowers as a focal point. May well have to do more of those! And still am loving the birds!

I wonder how long I will remain on this type of theme! I am still really happy producing work like this, and I'm still learning as I go which keeps it from going stale so that's only a good thing I guess!

Well time to get tea ready! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer holidays

We've been having a very relaxed summer holiday so far, with not much travelling about and mainly staying at home and doing home/local type things, like the redecorating of the little girl's bedroom, (which is almost finished), and teaching her to ride her bike without stabilizers. This has been mainly due to the fact that we have had a bout of sickness which has lasted about a week and half in order for those of us who were ill, to recoupereate! But today, we went swimming with some friends and the kids had a great time, and we are planning a few more outings a bit further afield over the next few weeks now that everyone is feeling better!

But since we have been at home a lot, the trampoline and garden have been our haven, but as has drawing! The two eldest spent a morning the other day decorating loads of the garden slate stones with felt tipped pens and they looked great! Just a shame that I didn't take a photo or two!

However, I did manage to take a photo of my eldest's drawings of me and the hubby! And even if I do say so myself, for an 8 year old, they are rather fab!!!

Brilliant aren't they?!!!

I have also been carrying on with the pieces I am working on for 'Sparkle', our church's ladies conference in November, and I have also started a project which I am really chuffed with involving my sewing machine...but I shall tell you more once I have finished it!!! Have also got ideas for something else along the same lines but that too will have to wait a while!

So many ideas and not enough hours in the day!!!!

Hope you are all having a great summer holiday and enjoying the sun!!!