Friday, 21 January 2011

If you go into the garden today you are sure of a big surprise...(or maybe 5 little ones!)

Well, after feeling art deprived for a few days (as I have been too tired due to all three kids deciding they aren't actually good sleepers any more,) Elizabeth persuaded me to 'help her' make a fairy mobile kit that she had received for Christmas.

Well, 'we' didn't get as far as making the whole mobile but I did manage to make the fairies! And I love them!! They are so easy to make and quick too and it is getting me thinking that there must be more uses for these cuties than just hanging them on a mobile! As my daughter sleeps on the bottom bunk in her brother's room until little boy blue is old enough to swap, I will not be assembling the mobile itself, but I will attempt to attach them in a fairy like fashion to her part of the room.

So, further ideas of where to adhere the fairies? I'll let you know when I think of some!! What do you think??

Blink and you'l miss them!

Almost looks like they have just alighted on the bush as I took the photo!

Well that's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Start as you mean to go on!

Wow! It is still January and I am typing another entry! Let's see how long this will last!! I haven't made any proper 'New Year's Resolutions' but I am trying to have more of a focus on documenting my artwork this year. I have also decided to take advantage of a Photography course that a guy from our church is running in February so I hope that will also help with this process!

I have been thinking a lot at the start of this year about where I want my art to take me and I have had the beginnings of some long term ideas which I have never had before so I am very excited!! Planning for the future has not taken me in this direction before as I have not really known what I wanted to do. But now I have some ideas I want to see where they take me!

These first paintings are from the Show I did in December at the Gloucester Docks.

The last one is an experiment of an idea I had one afternoon while making pipe cleaner flowers for my daughter.

I wasn't sure it was finished but all the folk who have seen it in the flesh seem to agree that they think it is, so I thought I would take a photo of it anyway. I can always go back to it at a later date and add more can't I!

Well, that's all for now. Have a great week!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Puddle Hopping!

So, Little Boy Blue needs to burn off his extensive energy if he's to have a decent night's sleep then! We figured as much! So yesterday in the trend of starting new things at the beginning of a new year, I decided that I must start taking him to a toddler group on a regular basis~and he loved it! Woke up at 7am this morning so it seemed to do the trick. So this morning's activity was puddle hopping! Which he also loved!! In his Woody wellies! Which he also loved!! Thankfully we didn't get too wet as it wasn't raining too much and we were out longer than I expected. So let's hope he sleeps solidly tonight too! Last night's sleep did me the world of good~managed to clean the kitchen and loo floors this morning! Now that's progress!

Have a great rainy day!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So here it is! 2011 already! Doesn't time fly?!

I spent part of the day today taking down the Christmas decorations and just had to take a few photos of my most recent tree decorations~coz I love them and don't want to have to wait a whole year before I look at them again! We went to a garden centre a few days after Christmas, as you do, (well,
we seem to anyway!) and I had been after an angel to go on top of the tree for a while but with no joy. But with a lovely 50% off all decorations I spied an angel that would do nicely thnak you very much and so purchased it with great glee. And she even got a few days atop of the tree before I packed her away ready for next year!!
I also came up with the idea of the kids picking a decoration for the tree in the Christmas sales (anything for a bargain!!) so each year they could choose a new one for the following Christmas. I was suitably pleased with my son's choice as I was going to choose it myself if he did not, and of course who can say no to a sparkly silver heart?!!! (my daughter's choice.) The only one we couldn't find was one with my little son's name on which I have also been hunting for since he was born, but to no avail. Maybe next year...

Oh and with regards to the show in my last entry, I am happy to say that I sold a piece, which was great! I would have had lots of photos of the show but the whole family came down with the winter flu~ey thing so we didn't venture out of the house for about a week when the show was on! I didn't even manage to take down the paintings at the end of the show as I was still poorly! So thank you Jo for your kind assistance in taking down my work!!

I am very excited about thoughts for my work this year so please watch this space for more piccies!!
Wishing you all a very great 2011!