Thursday, 21 November 2013

My First Art Party!

On Friday evening I held my first Heavenly Art Party!

 I have been thinking of doing this for a while and along with planning the event, getting invites printed and pieces of art made, I also had to figure out how to display my items once at a party. After a lot of thinking and hunting, I finally located a cute vintage suitcase, (which I have blogged about earlier this year,) and also came across an old French wooden crate at a Vintage fair. I painted up the crate, and changed the fabric inside the suitcase, but I still needed some extra display storage for some of my larger pieces. That's when our lovely friend John came into the picture! I knew he was good at DIY, and so I approached him to see if he could help. And help he did! Now I have a beautifully crafted display board to house the larger paintings, complete with handle, hooks and stoppers for the bottom to stop it wobbling! And it is wonderful! Just what I needed! Thank you so much, John!!

 My lovely friend Rachel was the host for my first party, and I put on an evening of games and a display of my art work for sale.
I arrived early to set up my display and was very thankful that I had done a dummy run prior to the party! It made it so much easier, knowing roughly where everything was going to go, rather than me trying to figure out on the night which pieces worked best where! After a bit of chatting, Rachel introduced me and I set about explaining the games we were about to play! Everyone seemed to enjoy this part of the evening, and all got involved heartily with the games! I then invited them to have a look at my work as the last part of the evening.

Even though it was my first event, the evening went really well and everyone enjoyed themselves, which was great. I will have to work on my selling skills a bit for my next party, but am really happy that  the night was a success. Here's a few pictures of my display from the night: (please excuse the colour-it is not quite right, as it was quite dark in the actual room at the time.)
What do you think? xxx

My lovely bird houses and hanging hearts

The display itself
My heart and boat collages
The wonderful display board and pictures
The suitcase and butterfly frames