Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Roll on good weather!

I am rather frustrated at the lack of good weather at the moment! I have two items I really 'need' to photograph, but due to the grim light and wet ground outside I am unable to do it!!! Grrr! But at least I have things to photograph which is great! Lately my art seems to be taking off somewhat, which I am really excited about! So that is fabuloso! Well, watch this space for the ball appears to be rolling!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Russian Dolls

I am feeling good~I have just finished a little idea I had a while back~just not sure of its title yet: 'family' or 'home sweet home'!
This is a big thing for me~to just make an idea~and to turn it into a finished piece! So I am chuffed! Long may it continue! Just take one step at a time and see where it leads, I was told recently, and so that's what I am doing!

Oh and I had a great evening at the pub this evening! It's good to have good friends!
Nite! xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Half Term.

Well, we have just got back from a trip to the inlaws and although good to be away, I am glad to be back! Our little 10 month old, Little Boy blue was also noticibly joyous to be back too, bless him! I was very excited to receive my first comment on my blog, many thanks Em, and although I did try to put a responding comment, it didn't seem to appear so I guess I still have many things to learn about the land of blog!!! (Oh and by the way, yes some of the letters were from you!!) Ah, yes! Uploading photos onto each post would be the other thing I am not so sure about yet too! So any advice would be much appreciated!!! :o)!

My next artisitc venture is coming up on 6th March at Holy Trinity church, Tewkesbury, where I am going to show three of my large paintings and hopefully a few smaller ones! I am quite excited about this as there will be the opportunity to sell some work too, so I had better get cracking on the smaller pieces especially! I will tell you all about it! Well, the dear hubby is having a bit of trouble keeping our two older ones quiet while Little Boy blue takes a nap, so I had better go and assist! Many thanks for your visits to my ramblings! Have a great half term! xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well, so far I am very pleased with myself for designing my blog page! I have also been anticipating doing lots of arty stuff since the weekend but this has not happened so far, although I did have fun taking pictures this afternoon of all my old letters from friends during my university years to put on my page as you see it! Rather pleased with the result too, I might add! But no 'real' art as I have just been rather busy! My art journey currently has me exploring what exactly is my niche.I feel that I have been too scared for so long to actually try stuff for fear of getting it wrong, and I want to get out and break free from that so I think that is where I am starting from at the moment.
So watch this space!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My first tired ramblings!

Well, here I am! I have finally decided to create a blog and am can now say that I have achieved my ultimate goal! (well, not quite but just managing to set it up was a mini achievement in itself!!) So I am very proud that I needed no help from my hubby or anyone else and did this entirely on my own! Yay! I am now a 'blogger!' I am also very tired so am going to head off to bed but with a happy smile and thoughts of a blogging future! Nite nite!!