Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Being Encouraged to Encourage.

Hello Lovelies!

I said I would let you know the story behind my little encouragement cards which I shared on Instagram and Facebook recently, so here it is...

Since the beginning of the year I have been thinking of sending cards of encouragement to folk, but hadn't got round to it...

Until now! This week I had a revelation of the importance of encouraging others! 
I love Instagram-for its inspiration and its connection to people from anywhere and everywhere! One of the people I follow is a lady from the site called Illustrated Faith, who does an awesome job doodling in her Bible (amongst doing other amazing things too!) and she creates some gorgeous layouts! Check her out here: http://www.illustratedfaith.com/blog/ She reposted an article from DaySpring cards which you can check out here: http://www.dayspring.com/articles/why-are-we-called-to-encourage 

I read the article and it blew me away! I am always trying to find things to make my creative life more authentically 'me', as I guess every artist does, but this article really struck a chord with me-I needed to include encouragement in my work/life on a regular basis! Some years ago someone said that they saw in me an Encourager's heart, but I didn't really see the impact that it could have if I really took this on board! After reading the article from DaySpring, I realized that it was a central thread of being 'me' and that it also needed to be central to my creative process.

So, armed with my Bible, a pen and my Devotional Journal, I spent some time looking up what it meant to 'encourage' and I was amazed at how much we are 'encouraged to encourage' from the Bible's point of view!

Encouragement gives strength. 

Encouragement changes the heart.

Encouragement is wise.

Encouragement unites us.

Encouragement gives comfort and hope.

Encouragement inspires steadfastness and keeps us on course.

Encouragement changes lives!!! Isn't that awesome, that something so seemingly so insignificant as saying a few words to cheer up a friend can actually have a major impact on their wellbeing! I believe it really is that important!

So, I intent to embrace encouragement as much as possible from now on, starting with sending an encouraging card to at least one person every month-(starting small at first) and I will document the process as a record. (Don't worry, I will not disclose the details of who etc, but I just want to keep a record to remind myself to keep at it!) 

I would love it if you feel you are able to join me on this journey and document it as you go! Think how many lives we can touch together with love and friendship and a bit of heart cheer! Let us adventure together-encouraging each other along the way!

Thanks so much for reading and dropping by! My heart is cheered by you!

Till next time!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Our Daily Future.

Hello Lovelies!

Just a quick post today- life is rushing by so fast these days...

I just wanted to encourage you today- it is in these moments of the every day, the ups and downs, the hard work and persistence, in the commitment of our holy beautiful everyday lives that our futures are made.

I find that I can easily get bogged down with the dissatisfaction that I am not where I want to be in terms of business and creativity, family life and heart relationships-but I am looking at things from the wrong perspective!  It is the dailyness of life and what we do with it that creates our future!  Those moments where we choose to love, again and again; where we keep on giving and loving even when we can't see where it is going; where we build up the relationships with those we are dear to and where we work hard at our dreams and hopes when we can't see the outcome yet. It's in the forging of those things that brings us to the future of all our hard work.

I am reminded of a Scripture given to me by a dear friend: " God is not unjust- He does not forget your hard work and labours of love. ..." Heb 6 v 10

So, dear friends, keep on keeping on!  For it's taking the baby steps each day that get us further along the journey!

Keep on keeping on, today!