Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birthday Boy!

It's Little Boy Blue's first birthday tomorrow!!! I can hardly believe he is a year old already! Time has most definitely flown by! He had a little friend over to play this afternoon, and he seemed very excited to have someone else to play with who was near enough the same age, rather than us giants! I made him a cake and some fairy cakes, and was really happy to see that he demolished some of the fairy cake without having a milk reaction to the margarine used, as he seems to have a milk intollerance at the moment. It's just a shame that he can't have chocolate!!! (or maybe it's not such a bad thing!!!) So tomorrow is the big day and we have got the traditional birthday balloons ready to adorn his highchair and the presents and cards are all hidden upstairs! Am looking forward to it!!!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

One small step-one giant leap!

I have finally mastered up the courage to try out my sewing machine which was bought for me by my mother in law about 8 years ago!!! I know it seems like a very daft thing to say, but I have been too scared to use it until now incase something went wrong while I was using it. But now during this strange but very exciting season of my life, I am going back to things that I have wanted to do, but felt I couldn't, and am actually trying the things I never thought I would! So this little piece is very basic but is a huge milestone for me both artistically and emotionally, and spiritually too, come to think of it! I actually made this piece for an altered book round robin event that I am doing as part of an art group I belong to in my town, and I am very pleased with imy efforts!!! (By the way, the text on the page opposite doesn't relate to my piece so please ignore!!)

So now I have taken the first step on this road, I hope many more tiny footsteps will also be heard in the future!!
I am enjoying my new wings! xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Narnian Obsession

My all time favourite set of books. My dad used to read them to my brother and I before bedtime when we were younger. Love the films so far. Have tried reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to my eldest already but it is a bit too old for him. But we do love to watch the film as a family each Christmastime as a Christmas family tradition. So you are not to be surprised that this passion leaks out into my art work from time to time! I have already got two paintings which are both up in our home inspired by the series and I am now intending on doing some more work with this theme in mind.

I picked a random page from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe book to use as part of this little flower and am just playing about with it really, but thought you might want to see it anyway. I like it!

Well that's all for now. Have a great evening!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!

A day late I know but hope all you mums had a fab day yesterday! Remember, you are so valued!:
"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 'Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.' Proverbs 31 v 28

I was given a picture on the birth of my littlest one made by one of my friends, which inspired me to do something similar for another friend on her littlest one's 1st birthday. (Hope mine doesn't look too much like yours, Jo! It wasn't intentional!!) So here it is, and it has sparked off the thought to do similar ones using the woodern stencils that I got from a car boot sale a few years ago, thinking that I would use them lots, but not actually getting round to it much. But now.....well, watch this space!
(er, can one have SO many ideas that they never get round to doing any of them?? I hope not!)
Well, ta ta for now!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Get Your Art Together

I am finally a 'real' artist! I sold two of my pieces at the 'Get Your Art Together' show at the weekend! I rather foolishly forgot to take a photo of my stall, but I WAS there, and I DID sell my work!!! :o) Yay!!
It was rather a strange feeling, because it was as if I had my heart on show, in my paintings and I felt very vulnerable, standing there next to my art work, wondering if anyone would actually pay for any pieces! But it was a very good experience none the less!

There were some amazing pieces of work being shown there and it was a priviledge to be part of a fundraising event where the two girls involved are going to give help and support to so many children in need. They raised about £700 from the variety performance held in the evening and the art exhibition to go towards their costs so it was well worth it!!

Well, that's all for now, take care.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I am a bit frustrated as I wanted to try out the scheduling a post application as I was on a roll when I last updated my blog and did three entries at once! But, not wanting to post them straight away, I changed the date and saved as a draft. When I next came to post the entry it still came up as the date I had written it, and not the future date that I wanted! I also tried publishing the post rather than saving it, under the future date and it still posted it on the date I originally wrote the entry! Confused??? I am!

Any suggestions very welcome!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Art of the Every Day.

I had a brainwave the other day! I was having a conversation with a friend about art and housework(!) and it dawned on me that I could very well focus my feelings of guilt about the lack of housework that I seem to do, towards ART! And so here is the first snapshot of my ART of the Every Day and I think I shall call it "the beauty after lunch."

There! I have set a new art trend! I shall be photographing the fluff under my sofa next!! :o)

Get Your Art Together

The countdown is on until my work goes in an exhibition called Get Your Art Together in the Holy Trinity Church, Tewkesbury, on Saturday 6th March from 1-4pm. The show is part of a fundraising event to raise money for a trip to India that two of the younger members of the church are undertaking to work in some orphanages (I think). I am hoping to show 7 paintings at the show, this being one of them, above. So do come and take a look if you are in town on Saturday!

Am looking forward to it!

Earning my wings!

Well, what LOVELY weather we have had today!!! The sun was shining and the birds were chirping!! Almost makes me feel a bit like singing "Doe, a deer..." or something of the like! (Well, maybe not quite, but you know what I mean!!) Anyway!!! So, had a rather arty afternoon today, as my friend Jo (check out her blog on my Creative Inspirations link) asked me over to have a 'play' with some fabric and dye!!! What fun we had! (although I think both of us agreed that the best result did in fact seem to be the part of the fabric painted by her three year old!!! That says it all doesn't it!!) :o)

I also finally managed to go out into the garden and take the photo that I have been itching to take for a while now, but it has just been too wet! I bought these wings in a shop years ago and they were just packed away in a box for ages. I knew I wanted to do a piece centred on them but never found the right time. However, lately I have had a real change in the direction of my work, and I feel like I have 'taken flight' and am beginning to 'earn my wings!' I am very excited at the new freedom I am experiencing in my creative work, and so I wanted to take this picture to represent the new chapter I feel is taking place. I intend to use the wings again but for now I am happy with this starting point!

Well, enough of the heart to heart! Have a great evening!