Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Wedding One

It was my niece's wedding on Saturday and I was really looking forward to it. I had found a lovely summery floral dress to wear, I had even managed to get my hair cut in time this time, and had found my daughter some lovely sparkly silver sandals to go with her purple dress~which incidentally she called her wedding dress! (of course! What else would she call it?!)

So, as we had already decided that we would not stay over the night before in a Travel Lodge mainly because the littlest one would probably be disturbed in the night by something (~anything!) so we would not get a good night's sleep, we got up and were ready to leave at 8.30am. The wedding was at 11.30 which my dear hubby insisted would give us enough time to get there~did I mention it was in Devon?? Well, I went along with him as a dutiful wife, and we set off.

So we had not got far when we realised that EVERYBODY north of us had also decided to go to my niece's wedding! And you know they say that SAT NAV is good? Well! Not when you are checking the arrival time every 5 cms per hour and it is telling you that you will arrive at 00.03am the next morning!!!
We ended up getting off the motorway and taking the scenic route, (for which I am actually very grateful to the SAT NAV lady, coz otherwise I think we would still be on the motorway now!) but still ended up missing the whole of the actual church ceremony, and ended up being 2 hours late!!!!!! The journey down ended up taking 5 hours! Can you believe it! The sad thing was that the traffic jam was due to an accident which obviously was much more terrible than our late arrival of course.
Thankfully we made it to the reception where we did catch up with our family and the bride (she did look beautiful and my other niece had made all the dresses which were all amazing!!!Well done Kim!) So we did manage to enjoy the rest of the day and the kids had a great time playing about as kids do at weddings too which was lovely.

Oh here is the picture I did for my niece and her hubby on their wedding day!

(Can you also believe that I forgot to take the camera so I didn't get any piccies of the day itself! Duh!!!) But all in all it was worth it! A lovely time had by all!
Oh and the journey back took an hour and a half!!!
That says it all!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

The little clay birds make an appearance.

So I have finally made the little clay birds! After having trouble deciding on the colour of the birds I was finally satisfied with the result and now another original Angie Walsh has been created! I am so excited about my painting right now because it's so new and yet just seems to work! So I am happy!

So here it is:
And also one MUST NOT forget to include my 'very proud mummy moment' on the last Year 2 assembly of 2010, where my 7 year old was awarded the Progress Cup for his class for all the progress he had made in year 2!
So chuffed! ;o)

Still smiling! TTFN xxx