Monday, 30 April 2012

Pocket watches, old drawers and wellies!

We were in Manchester recently and I was browsing in the shops with our two youngest, whilst waiting for hubby to get kitted out in his Best Man suit for his brother's wedding in 2 months time. We popped in an accessories shop and I spied a gorgeous pocket watch on a chain embellished with a bit of lace. I love the old vintage look that has made its way back into fashion, but I must admit I do not have the funds currently to buy the actual original REAL vintage items! So, mass produced or not, when I saw the watch I loved it! I did not purchase it at the time but I 'clocked' it (hee!) was determined to find one at a later date.

A few days ago, I found another in the sale in my town shop, and so went ahead and bought it this time! This one did not have the lace attached, so I just added some when I got home. It also had a lovely design on the back too which was a bonus.

Just love it!

Speaking of vintage items I went to the Sudley Castle Spring Fair at the weekend with my friend Helen. There was an array of different stalls selling their wares, but my favourite had to be the vintage lace clothes which were on sale. There were some amazing garments and the lacework was just beautiful! Out of my price range, but beautiful!

I did manage to find however, something that I have always admired when visiting my friend Jo Teague's house~a shelving unit which is made up of little compartments which holds lots of little treasures. I am not sure whether Jo's was once a drawer from an old cabinet, but whilst we were browsing in the garden crafts, I spied one!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! So after a moment or two of contemplation I jumped in with both feet and bought it! Either a focal piece for our living room or an inspiration point in my art room,I don't quite know yet, but I was really pleased to have found such a lovely piece! We made a few more purchases, before setting back, and really enjoyed our little jaunt out!

And lastly, the wellies! So this week has been really wet, but having a three year old at home means that even if this is the case, we have to do something to pass the time, so we decided to do some puddle hopping on one wet afternoon. It was great fun and lovely to see the little lad have so much fun jumping in all the puddles down the country lanes near our home. But...on my attempt to puddle jump, I realised that I had a leak in both of my wellies! Although it didn't hinder our fun I needed to purchase another pair fairly soon as the weather was not much better for the rest of the week! I found some on friday and am just loving the funky flower pattern on them and the fact that they are three quarter length so I have no issue with the width of them which used to be a problem!

So there you have it! Hope you are all well and enjoying whatever weather is with you at the moment!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The New Look!

How do you like it??? I had great fun playing about with the various templates and fonts this evening! All that is left to do is to take a decent photo of myself and then I'm done!

And in the not too distant future I will have this blog linked up to my brand new website where I will be able to sell my paintings to the general public! How exciting is that!

Thanks for all your support and comments since I started this arty adventure! I am looking forward to what's in store in the future!