Sunday, 1 August 2010

The little clay birds make an appearance.

So I have finally made the little clay birds! After having trouble deciding on the colour of the birds I was finally satisfied with the result and now another original Angie Walsh has been created! I am so excited about my painting right now because it's so new and yet just seems to work! So I am happy!

So here it is:
And also one MUST NOT forget to include my 'very proud mummy moment' on the last Year 2 assembly of 2010, where my 7 year old was awarded the Progress Cup for his class for all the progress he had made in year 2!
So chuffed! ;o)

Still smiling! TTFN xxx


  1. Lovely little birdies! It brought a tear to my eye thinking of how much God cares for the sparrows but cares so much more for me & you! We have so many sparrows around our street that not a day goes by without me thinking of that Bible verse. And then I start singing 'There are hundreds of Sparrows, thousands, millions.... but god loves every one & God loves me' did you used to sing that at school too? Glad to see you happy in your creations! And well done J! What a fabulous cup! :o)

  2. I love this piece, Angie, and the scripture reference. Good work on those "sparrows." Congrats to the little winner.