Wednesday, 22 August 2012

On being brave!

I have a tendency to put off things that I find difficult, or rather things that I think will be difficult, til later-much later! But lately I have been trying to be a bit braver and more pro active, and I'm actually finding that  things that I've been putting off for fear they are too hard are actually not as difficult as I first thought! Take the sewing machine thing-something was wrong with the tension on the zig zag stitch the last time I tried to use it and so I left it alone for ages because I was scared to try and sort out the problem in case I broke the machine. But upon receiving two pieces of lovely fabric from a friend (thanks Kerry, I love them! ) I braced myself and tried to see if I could sort the tension out so I could make a cushion or two! And this is the result!

So the moral of this crafty tale is: take a little step. Be brave and just have a go! Coz you might just be surprised at how easy something really is once you've tried it!


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  1. I wondered if you were trying to be a bit braver.... There is a lot more of your artwork visible in your house than before and it's great to see. It makes more of the picture of who you are.