Monday, 28 April 2014

Intuitive Journal Pages

Thought you might like to see some of my recent journal pages. I have been really thinking about what my actual style is, lately. What is it I just like to create, naturally? Flowers? Birds? Swirls? What do I revert to creating when I am just playing? I am hoping that as I keep on experimenting, I will develop that signature style which shows people 'me'. I'm finding it harder than I thought, but am liking the results so far.

This is an altered page from the book 'Doodle, Draw, Journal' by Kirsty Conlin. I am liking the freer approach to flower and foliage that has developed here, and the way the background of the actual page shows through

I am still very interested in developing my own style of faces too. In this journal page I designed and coloured the face on paper before adhering it to the completed background, adding textured hair and collaged clothing. I love the way the white hair stands out with so much texture!

I have also started to create my own stencils which has been really exciting! I have found that plastic booklet covers are just the right thickness to cut with small scissors and a craft knife so I have been experimenting with shapes and doodles which I then cut out to make the stencils. So far so good... 

This is my latest journal page which was very intuitive in its style. I used papers, lace, moulding paste, stencils and acrylic paint and just played until the page looked right. I am still wondering whether it needs some text on it, but I am very happy with the way it turned out, either way! A good afternoon's creativity!

I am excited to see where this freer approach will take me! Hope it inspires you too!
Have a great week!

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