Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn Gifts

It was the children's Harvest Festival Service at school a few days ago and it struck me when some of the children read our their harvest thankful prayers that it was the simplest things they were thankful for. To them they were important enough to put into words as a prayer. 

I also went on a walk that same morning and I too began to notice the beauty in some of the smallest things around me! I have come to the conclusion that Autumn might just be my most favorite season!  
The colours! 
The berries! 
The leaves!  
There is so much beauty on my doorstep! So many treasures.  I could stay out here all day! 

Have a Beauty-filled day!
Autumn jewels.
Berries dripping with dew.
Long shadows.
Beautiful red!
Grey velvet toadstools.
Lacy leaves.
An abundance of orange!
Golden leaves.
Angel wings!
Rubies on a branch.

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