Monday, 4 April 2011

Definitely Blogworthy!!!

So I was just doing a spot of window shopping the other day on my way to get the eldest from school when I noticed THESE shoes on a rack outside a shop in the high street! I am usually more of a procrastinator when it comes to buying stuff rather than an impulse buyer as whenever I impulse buy, I tend to never where the garment or use the item again!! But THIS time I KNEW I just HAD to try these lovelies on!!!

And so I did!

And now they are happily walking about with me as I go on my way!!!

(I did of course, go in and purchase them rather than just putting them on
and walking off, you understand!! Written text can be so misleading!!!) :o)

And they were a bargain at £25.00 too!!!

And to top it off, hubby bought me this lush watch for Mother's Day which I al
so love!!! ( I did have to heavily hint that I liked the watch when I'd seen it the other day but he did choose the colour as there were three to choose from!) But I love it that he did actually go and buy it for me as he himself says that he is never quite sure if I will like what he chooses for me as a present, bless him!

It also came in this lovely little box too with a cushion just to set it off!! Just lovely!!!

I think the thing that I like more than anything is that with choosing these items I am making a statement that says "This is me. I like what I am wearing and I want to show folk that I am an individual who is becoming more confident to stand out and be slightly different from the rest."

Now that is exciting!!!
Bye for now.


  1. Oh bother- I typed my lovely long comment & it didn't publish properly so it's lost in the ether forever. How annoying! Lovely shoes- wish I had a pair just like them! You go girl on your journey of self discovery. Exciting stuff indeed! :o) Love Emily xx

  2. green with envy about those shoes!