Saturday, 6 August 2011

More paintings

Here's a sneaky peak at some of my paintings ready for the 'Sparkle' Ladies conference in November. Having them sitting on the radiator drying and then just sitting there has caused me to be rather sentimental over them! Is it weird to feel that one's paintings are kinda like children???

Ok, not literally, but I do seem to have a growing fondness for these lovelies!

I am really liking the effect of having the fabric flowers as a focal point. May well have to do more of those! And still am loving the birds!

I wonder how long I will remain on this type of theme! I am still really happy producing work like this, and I'm still learning as I go which keeps it from going stale so that's only a good thing I guess!

Well time to get tea ready! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Lovely! Especially the top 2. Is there a theme to go with them or are they just for the joy of creating? Well done you! :o)

  2. It's all kinda related to my response to God's love, in a way. And to encourage others too. Thanks for your comment. x

  3. Really love the flowers, so gorgeous and colourful - and 3D too! Fabulous! :)