Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Building a Brand

Hello Lovelies!
Wow! I hear you say! Two blog posts in one month! A miracle! :o) 
I am just so excited at the moment and I wanted to share with you! I have been thinking about branding a bit lately, when my friend posted a photo on Instagram of a new book which she thought I might be interested in~'How to style your Brand' by Fiona Humberstone. Anyone read it? What do you think? Anyway I became aware that maybe this is what I need to hear at the moment!

I was tidying up a drawer yesterday, and came across an old birthday card. The words just went straight into me! Inside it also said: "You make a difference just by being you, and you are a blessing to all who are touched by your life." How beautiful is that?!!

Reading this just lifted my heart and I caught a glimpse of how we can enrich peoples' lives by being ourselves and loving them!
A quote on Facebook posted by another friend, and by Catherine of Sienna, also spoke to me, adding weight to the card from yestersday: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!" 
(Isn't it amazing how these things all come together, and when God wants you to know something, He manages to get through to you from all different places? It's all starting to add up, excitingly!)
I was tidying (again!) in the kitchen and found some notes from a video from Art Agent Lilia Rogers a few months back. and after reading the notes I made I just felt I wanted to share them with you to encourage you! 

So here goes: (Please note that this information is a response to the comments that Lilia Rogers spoke on her video)

We already have our own unique brand inside us. Because we are all unique we already have our own tastes, likes and dislikes, preferences and favourites, whether it be colours, shapes, styles we like, patterns we are drawn to, types of people we spend time with etc. We already have that inside us. Branding is about discovering that uniqueness and letting the world see it! And the whole point about us being unique is that our art expression won't be the same any anyone else's! Yes, we have influences, but when it comes down to it, our own style needs to come from who we are individually, not from copying someone else's style. We need to be brave and show the world ourselves! For we are beautiful and creative and that is what the world needs to see!

Our art is to become a reflection of the unique brand and style that already exists inside us! There is much to learn by embarking on the journey that unveils what is special inside us, and releasing that to the world. we need to allow ourselves to be 'me'' outside and on canvas as well as inside!

We need to own what makes us special. What is it that makes me-'Me'? Can I start to choose imagery in my art which is individual to me and expresses how I view the world, and incorporate that into my work? These then become part of my work and my message from the heart. 

Once we have found our voice and imagery in our work, the next step is to be brave in stepping out and expressing that to others. That's the scary bit! But also the exciting bit! We will not know where our unique brand and style will lead us, but that's part of the journey~seeing where our brave, amazing uniqueness will take us; who we will meet, who we can share our story with and how we can impact and encourage others to find their own beauty in their work and so tell their story too!

I hope you have been encouraged by my thoughts! Have a blessed day! You are awesome!


  1. Love this Angie! Thank u for sharing this..couldn't agree more! Love the way your enthusiasm for finding a gem of a truth like this comes through x x

    1. Thanks for posting your comment Claire! Much appreciated and glad you were encouraged! xxx

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