Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birthday Boy!

It's Little Boy Blue's first birthday tomorrow!!! I can hardly believe he is a year old already! Time has most definitely flown by! He had a little friend over to play this afternoon, and he seemed very excited to have someone else to play with who was near enough the same age, rather than us giants! I made him a cake and some fairy cakes, and was really happy to see that he demolished some of the fairy cake without having a milk reaction to the margarine used, as he seems to have a milk intollerance at the moment. It's just a shame that he can't have chocolate!!! (or maybe it's not such a bad thing!!!) So tomorrow is the big day and we have got the traditional birthday balloons ready to adorn his highchair and the presents and cards are all hidden upstairs! Am looking forward to it!!!


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  1. HAppy Birthday Birthday Boy!! Great cakes! See Angie, you are a domestic goddess after all! ;o) Traditional birthday balloons?? sounds interesting! Have a great day tomoorow. We can hardly believe it's been a year already! God bless you all. Love the davies Tribe xxxxxx
    PS If your youngest is little boy blue what is your eldest???? I woke in the night the other night & couldn't sleep & found myself pondering such things..... yes I know.....