Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Judging a fish...

"Everyone is a genius. But judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree and it will live believing it is stupid." (Einstein)

Ok. So say I am a fish.

A fairly happy fish usually.

Swimming along in the water quite contentedly.

However, when I take a look at myself and realise that I can't climb a tree, or (for example) more likely I realise that my little home is not as tidy as it could be, then it feels as though I have been hit by a huge wave and I am sent reelling!

Fish analogy aside, I was just struck at how much emphasis I put on the little things in my life that are not 100% perfect, and I get bogged down by these minor imperfections and I forget all the things that are going well, or that I am getting right most of the time.

I tend to freak out when I realise I am not doing a certain action right and feel I am a complete failure and totally forget all the things in my life that I am moving on in and progressing in.

So, maybe it's time for this little fishy to realise that it's more important that I am carrying on my journey one step at a time and that I will get there, even if I can't climb a tree that well!

Well that's my rambling for tonight!


  1. you OK Angie? odd post. I agree, whenever I go into your home it does not look spotlessly tidy. It looks lived in, it looks like a family home where the kids are relaxed and comfortable enough to pull out their things and enjoy themselves. It looks like a home where it is important for the kids to feel comfortable, where the kids are central to the home and not just a small part of it. Your home is a reflection of your approach to life and its that approach to life that we all adore about you.